About us

About Yaaqub Company:Yaqub Company, Mr.Yaqub Rashid Arf ownes company, is one of the most well-known companies in Kurdistan, Yaqub Company in 1978 appeared as Yaqub Bureau in the very beginning of foundation, first starting project implementation in Sulaimny city. Yaqub Co came to exist on purpose of trading in building material like cement and metal ceiling, Yaqub Co carried out its duties superbly as an excellent seller of both Tasluja cement factory and Sarchnar Cement Factory and played a great role in construction and rehabilitating especially in 1980s. Our company as private unit limited company for supplying iron and cement and general transportation, became company officially in 1995. Working hard and maintaining excellent reputation, our company expanded its fields to Services and Production. Currently Yaqub company has been busy working very well, besides Yaqub company head office locates in Sulaimany.
It is just worth of mentioning that Yaaqub Company has Continued in expanding and developing its commercial activity in purpose of providing more and better services and develop commerce field of country. It is worth mentioning that all parts of our company is directed by skilled and experienced and scholar figures however they have good thoughts for services and productions.Since 20/11/2011 the General Manager change from Mr. Yaaqub Rashed to Mr. Eyub Yaaqub Rashed
We always believe in:- 
-Respect and Admiration 
-Continuous services 
-Using modern tools for working
-Modern thoughts towards planning and working